Materials + Product Care
Joy Made Collective designs jewelry that is meant to be worn day in and day out. To keep our jewelry looking its best, please follow the steps below.
General Care
Your Joy Made Collective Jewelry should be the last thing you put on when getting dressed. To preserve the longevity of our jewelry, we highly recommend removing it when showering, swimming, exercising, cleaning, and before applying any kind of hair care product, fragrance, lotion or makeup. Always put your jewelry on with clean hands and remember to wear your earring backs to prevent loss of earring.
Polymer Clay Care
Joy Made Collective uses several types of high end polymer clay. All clays have different textures and variations that are natural to their material. This makes every pair of Joy Made Collective earrings unique in their own way.
  • Some of our products have been treated with a protective sealant, however they can still be damaged by moisture. The best method to clean our earrings is with a damp soft cloth, using water only. Do not use cleaning agents. 
  • Let earrings dry completely before storing or wearing. 

Earring Post, Hooks, and Jump Rings

All of our earring posts are made with nickel free surgical steel and are hypoallergenic. All ball posts and fish hooks are made with 14k gold plated steel. Each earring listing will designate what the particular style is made with. All jump rings are made with 14k gold. 


Polymer clay can be damaged from moisture and too much direct sunlight. Please hang earrings or lay them flat in a clean, dry place. 

For any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us at