Hi there!

I'm Alyssa, the gal behind Joy Made Collective. 

Joy Made Collective calls the beautiful little town of Clemmons, NC home. Made in small batches of no more than 10 pieces at a time, each item is truly unique and special in its own way. 


By day I am a 2nd grade teacher right down the road from our house, and by night I am a boy mama and youth pastor's wife. If we were to spend a little time together you would quickly learn of my obsession with avocado toast, afternoon coffee, surprise snow days, and fresh cut flowers. I love a good plate of soggy french fries with a side of honey mustard and I could never turn down a slice of homemade pie, no matter the type!  


In January 2020 I purchased some polymer clay and cookie cutters. After playing with them for an afternoon, I put them aside as life "got busy again". Fast forward a few months later and life as we knew it came to a pause as the country was asked to stay home amidst the new pandemic. Both my husband and I quickly pivoted to our new roles of working from home while trying to keep a 1-year old out of our Zoom meetings. While I will forever cherish those days and weeks together, just the three of us, I so desperately needed something of "my own." Something to retreat to at night to breathe and create. I remembered the clay and cutters I had stashed away in the closet upstairs and I quickly set up a little space. I had prior experience with an Etsy shop from years before (hello the days of vinyl decals!) and in July 2020 I decided to open my little piece of the internet. What started out as a way to find myself again mid pandemic, has led me on amazing journey of new friendships, new opportunities, and unending memories of connecting with powerful, fearless women.  


Joy: What this creative outlet brings me. Whether it's the joy from creating a new collection, the joy from meeting customers in person, or the joy you all having wearing your jewelry pieces with confidence for the first time.

Made: To represent the true handmade aspect of each piece. 

Collective: When you purchase from JMC, you join a family of women who are there to support you and cheer you on. Collectively we are a force ready to change the world!  


My why is truly YOU! Your support, your caring words, your encouragement and cheers are what keep this little dream alive. Every time a new order comes through, I pray the person on the receiving end knows just how amazing they are. And at the end of the day, if my little pieces of handmade jewelry can help them feel more confident and beautiful, then I've done my job in the journey of life.