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 Give Back Donation/Event FAQ:

How far in advance do I have to apply for a donation or virtual event?

We require at least 15 days in advance of when you need the donation or the desired start date of your event. This is to ensure enough time for us to be in touch and make sure we have all the details to begin your requests. 

When will I hear back about my application?

Please allow 3 business days from the time you submit your application to hear from someone. 

When will I receive my product donation?

We aim to have all product donation request out within 5 business days of approval. Please note that we have no control over USPS shipping speeds. You will be provided a tracking number for your product but we are not liable if your product does not arrive in time. 

When will our organization receive the funds raised by our virtual event?

Organizations will receive 20% of the proceeds from sales made during their event. We aim to have the monetary donation paid to organizations within 5 business days of event ending.

How long can a virtual end run?

We have done virtual events that lasted 3 days and one that lasted an entire month. Once we have approved your application, we will work directly with the contact person listed to determine the appropriate amount of time for your event. 

Do you work with hopeful adoptive families on fundraising efforts?

YES! As a family who was formed by adoption ourselves, we know the financial cost it can be. We are more than happy to work with hopeful adoptive families on their fundraising efforts. Our only requirement is that the money raised through your event must be paid directly back to an adoption agency, home study provider, consultant, lawyer, or profile book creator. We cannot directly pay individual families.